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ASP.NET Community Standup TL;DW - 22 Nov 2016

For those of you without enough time to watch the full ASP.NET Community Standup, I’ve made a Too Long; Didn’t Watch version. Please enjoy :)

Aerial Spaces


ASP.NET Core 1.1 RTM was released

(Azure) App Service on Linux supporting .NET Core

TechEmpower Benchmarks - ASP.NET Core 1.0.1 #10 Plain Text round

Hackathon at the MVP Summit

EDI Serializer/Deserializer

Jason Bell - URL Rewriting behind a load balancer - No link

ASP.NET Monsters

Hisham’s Blog - Unexpected behaviour in LanguageViewLocationExpander

Steve Gordon - RIP project json

Orchard 2 now on ASP.NET Core - 1.1

Making out with .NET - Serve static website and web API at the same time

Scott Allen - ASP.NET Core and the Enterprise

Ben Foster - Using .NET Core configuration with legacy projects

Corefxlab - High performance data pipelines

chsakells blog - Realtime application using core, signalr and angular

Jonathan Mezach - .NET Core Versioning

Tim Seaward - Not your grandads .NET - Pipes

Get to the guts

Ben’s Magic Number Youtube timestamp

  • Uses a magic number to find appropriate bytes. Improved kestrel performance by 250,000 requests a second.
  • Pull request took months to merge, active discussion, good pull requests collaborate and aren’t in a hurry.

Versions are crazy, preview 3 for .net core, for vs2017 RC (MS Build tooling). Alpha quality. Youtube timestamp

Damian updated and live streamed it. Admits to sucking at coding :) Youtube timestamp

.NET Website Downloads are confusing. Youtube timestamp


Difference bwtween .NET Core runtime and SDK - Devs need SDK. Servers need runtime (dotnet.exe) Youtube timestamp

A lot of Azure SDKs haven’t moved to .NET Core. Don’t worry they’re coming. Youtube timestamp

Does a .netcoreapp 1.0 run on 1.1? It’s supposed to but it doesn’t work magically, you have to use a workaround. Youtube timestamp

Will the CSPROJ tooling be finalized ready for VS2017 RTM? At this stage yes :) Youtube timestamp

ASP.NET Community Standup TL;DW - 22 Nov 2016
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ASP.NET Community Standup TL;DW - 22 Nov 2016

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