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SmallApplicationTile_99x99 Torrential is a brand new uTorrent Controller App for Windows Phone 7. Manage your torrents on the go, as well as be notified when they are complete.

You can quickly and easily search for torrents from the popular torrent hub, Isohunt using the built in search.

Coming in Version 1.3.0

Auto Refresh

Simple but effective, the torrent list will constantly refresh whilst inside the app. You will be able to set the refresh interval on the settings page.

Live Tiles

No I’m not talking about one of your kitchen tiles gaining sentience, I’m talking about glanceable information on your windows phone 7 live tile for Torrential. Some feedback about what information you would like on there would be great. Contact Me if you have any ideas.


Active Search Settings TorrentDetail AddTorrent Files

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  • Manage torrents – Start, Force Start, Pause, Stop, Remove, Remove + Data* Torrent Progress – Check download speeds, upload speeds, estimated time to complete, peers, seeders, etc…* Auto-Login – You only need to setup your uTorrent server details once* Isohunt Integration – Search directly from Isohunt using the built in search* Push Notifications – Receive a notification when a download has completed* No extra software needed – Torrential has no need for extra software to be installed or run on your computer* Filtered Torrent List - Filter your torrents by Active, Inactive and Complete* Manual torrent adding via URL or Web Browser* Shake to refresh

Upcoming Features

  • Search result detail, including comments and files* More search providers* Automatic updating whilst inside the app* Live Tile Information* Private torrent site support


Version 1.2.0 – 5 December 2010

Add Torrents from the Web Browser

By popular demand, I have changed the next scheduled release to include adding torrents from the web browser. I have also built a trial version to let you guys have a poke around before deciding this app is for you. Expect this one in the marketplace within the next few days.

Individual Files within a Torrent

This one just made it into this release. You can now view the individual files within a torrent.

Shake to Refresh

Sick of touching the screen? You can now simply shake your phone and it will refresh your torrent list and torrent screen!

Version 1.1.0 - 17 November 2010

Filtered Torrent List

That’s right, first cab off the rank is the torrent list. We all know and love our singular aggregate lists, but what if life offered you more, in the form of filtered lists? You’d be ecstatic right? Me too. Look for this gem next week after the update is rolled out over the weekend.

Version 1.0.0 - 11 November 2010

We’re at version one baby, yeah!


If you have any comments or suggestions, please use the feedback tab on your left. Alternatively, for those of you who have a thought on the go and the power of a windows phone 7 phone in their hands, you can send me an email from the feedback screen within the application itself.

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