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Torrential – uTorrent WP7 App – Version 1.3 Available Now!

After taking a while to explore other ventures, I’ve finally come back strong with a gleaming new update to Torrential, the WP7 uTorrent Remote Control App.

The update is now with Microsoft so you should be receiving it soon, but while we wait, let’s check out what I’ve done:

Live Tiles

Expect to see these tiles hitting your home screen during the course of this week. At the moment they’ll be swapping out intermittently during downloads, but you should be able to select your preferred version next release.


Just like the Isohunt integrated search you’ve come to know and love, you can now search EzTv for your favourite goodies while on the run.


Favourite Websites

Tired of navigating to the same websites every time you want to download a new torrent? So was I, so now you can save your favourite websites and navigate to them with ease.


There’s also a couple of performance updates in there helping speed things up.

As always you can Request a New Feature thanks to the awesome people at Uservoice.

Torrential – uTorrent WP7 App – Version 1.3 Available Now!
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Torrential – uTorrent WP7 App – Version 1.3 Available Now!

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