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NDC Oslo 2015 – Taking Other People’s Money

By Speaking

I was lucky enough to be invited to talk at NDC Oslo about the state of online payments. In this talk I introduce you to the world of online payments, from the first transaction to the latest trends and technologies.

I wrap up with a coding demo showing just how easy it is to process a payment using Stripe.

I’m always keen for feedback, so be sure to tweet me your thoughts.

ASP.NET Identity using vNext | Dev Superpowers Episode 11 | Ben Cull

By Videos

Previous versions of ASP.NET Membership have left a bad taste in many developers mouths, and some are now dangerously out of date.

In this episode of Dev Superpowers, Ben Cull will take you through the latest, greatest and safest way to get your membership system up and running using ASP.NET Identity, OWIN and Dependency Injection.

The future of AngularJS: an interview with Dan Wahlin

By Videos

Watch our own Ben Cull discussing AngularJS with Dan Wahlin!

A captivating interview where you will learn more about:

The future of Angular
Angular extending typescript
Using ASP.NET with AngularJS among other things.
Dan also shares his thoughts regarding SEO portion on a single page app and future events and ‘hangouts’ for Angular enthusiasts.

A must see!

How to make web applications with AngularJS and ASP.NET MVC | Dev SuperPowers Episode #7 | Ben Cull

By Videos

Watch Ben Cull write some code as he transforms a rigid MVC web application into a dynamic pleasure using AngularJS.

AngularJS is a client-side javascript framework that enables the creation of impressively dynamic user interfaces. It strives to remove the tedium of manipulating DOM elements by abstracting many common functions such as showing/hiding, updating content and injecting/removing elements.

Taking other people’s money: The state of payments in Australia – Ben Cull | DDD Melbourne

By Speaking

In the presentation, Ben Cull shows developers the best ways to take other people’s money, whether it be for a large client or your own side project. He talks about the history of online payment processing, the regulations for developers, the pros and cons of Stripe, Paypal, Pin Payments and Alipay including an assessment of their APIs. He even throw in some code demos to show you how to get up and running fast.

Twitter Bootstrap – Make your web apps accidentally excellent

By Speaking

Bootstrap is a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

In this video presentation Ben Cull demonstrates how easy it is to make use of the framework, and shows you how to step beyond the “just another bootstrap site” look and feel when building your app.

He walks through:

– The benefits of using Bootstrap
– How to get up and running using the latest scaffolding available in Visual Studio 2013
– Implementing some key layout designs
– Hooking up icons the font-awesome way
– Implementing designer themes from

This was filmed at the Sydney .NET Usergroup.