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JobFork - The Australian Developer Job Board

It’s been a slow and drawn out demise for my old wordpress blog. I stopped posting and then I caught a nasty case of PHP vulnerability virus. Luckily it’s dead simple to setup a github pages blog and now here I am, ready to update you all about the exciting projects I’ve been working on over the last 6 months.

First cab off the rank is JobFork - The Australian Developer Job Board.

Developer Recruiting, The Eternal Struggle

Having been on both sides of the recruiting process recently, my developer mates and I have found it increasingly difficult to find good jobs and hire the right people. Sure, when looking for a job there’s always Seek and LinkedIn, but it seems almost TOO daunting to wade through the crap you find on Seek and the recruiter swarm you find on LinkedIn to get to the good stuff.

On the flip-side if you’re looking to hire decent talent, you scour your network of developer friends and colleagues to come up with some candidates, but at the first hint of movement they all talk to their bosses and are convinced to stay put.

Once word of mouth is exhausted the dreaded Seek cycle begins. Advertise, be swamped with poor applications, find a couple of shining stars only to have them snatched up by other companies looking for devs.

The Solution: JobFork

To be honest, we’re developers, a good solution to this problem should already exist. Meet JobFork. Our attempt at collating the best Australian developer jobs aimed at the best Australian developers.

So far we’re just trying to encourage new submissions and muster up some good developers ready to move on to the next challenge. Our goal is to be the first thing developers and their bosses think of when looking for jobs and candidates.

Did I mention that everything is free during the beta period? I figure we could all do with a freebie after the recruiting pain we’ve suffered.

If you have any suggestions about how to make JobFork even better, hit any of us up on twitter.

JobFork - The Australian Developer Job Board
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JobFork - The Australian Developer Job Board

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